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This collection is made of batik from a special vintage collection, which belonged to an Indonesian family from The Hague. This is their story.


"The fabric is about 40 years old. A part comes from a batik shop the family owned in Yogyakarta, Jogja Kembali. Some fabrics have been gifted to our parents by their pupils at the Indonesian school in Wassenaar, after they had graduated. Our mother wanted to introduce and sell the fabrics from Indonesia here in the Netherlands, but because of her busy daily life here, she wasn’t given the chance."


With this item we bring new life to the collection and expand on its story.


10% of the proceeds will be donated to stichting Indahnya Sedekah Nederland. They support people in Indonesia in terms of education, food programmes and aid during natural disasters.


SKU: waistcoat-07-a
  • The GUAVE WAISTCOAT is a unisex item in limited quantities. There are only 22 available! There are two types of waistcoats available for every motif; full batik and a combination of batik and a solid blue cotton. The waistcoat has a sturdy zipper and two pockets on both forepanels. They continue the pattern, which makes their presence subtle. The padded lining provides warmth and has a useful inner pocket of the same fabric. The armholes and neckline have been finished off with great attention to detail, using blue bias tape.

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