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To express yourself with colorful, bold and unique fabrics, GUAVE was founded by two friends and designers in 2017. Offering small collections of fair produced items for the conscious ones who love craftsmanship. Where clothing is much seen as a one off product, we like to create garments with a background story. A story that is also connected to us, and our shared ancestral history. 


Our items are made with love and care in Amsterdam, by putting authentic handmade Javanese batik center stage. To give a unique touch to our designs, we use sustainably woven fabrics by our partner Enschede Textielstad. We believe that fashion should be fair, and something to cherish for a lifetime.


The craft of batik is an ancient technique to print textiles. It is also called wax-resist. On Java, batik has developed into a heavily detailed way to print textiles by hand. Javanese batik is unique, from the crafting process to the final result. Even though batik has to compete with the fast fashion industry, one can always differentiate a one-of-a-kind batik from an industrially printed batik. There are two types: batik cap (made with a copper stamp) and batik tulis (made with a copper waxpen). We use both types of batik in our designs to offer a wide range of styles and motives. 

We strictly use Javanese batik to support the craft of batik and to introduce a wider audience to this beautiful craftsmanship. It is a product of high quality, made with attention, care and love by the makers on Java, Indonesia. 

Read more about the story behind Guave here. (all in Dutch) 

Crafts Council - Meet the maker
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Foto: Sanne Marije Sanders, 2020.  

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